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A Typical Day

A typical day in the life of a carer...

6am - 11am Breakfast Calls

A day in the life of a carer

Carers start their day quite early, this always begins with personal care for service user’s, they will visit service user’s who need assistance with help getting out of bed, washing or shower/bath, dressing, making breakfast and reminding to take medication. Some service users may also require assistance with continence aids. Depending on the individuals requirements this will vary the length of visit required.

Carer’s will always ask the service user what assistance they require on arrival at their home, as in all our lives needs can change. Some service user’s have greater needs than others, this can involve complete bed care or using equipment like hoist, if a hoist is required then 2 carers would be needed.

There are many other duties that a carer assist with these include preparation of sandwich or snack, flask of hot or cold drink, making/change bed linen, essential hygiene, laundry, empty commodes.

Some service users may have early appointments at their GP’s or hospital or even be attending a day centre, on these days the carer would be scheduled to make an early visit if requested to ensure the service user is ready for the transportation to collect them, where requested the carer would wait to ensure that the service user is collected by the transport.

11am - 2pm Lunchtime Calls

Carers will visit from 11am to make a light snack or drink, remind about medication or assist with toileting, many people have meals delivered by companies who specialise in this field, carers do however prepare meals that can be heated up in the microwave or if time has been allocated they can prepare a meal as requested.

Some service users may have other request this could be for shopping to be done or to take them to do their own shopping or visit other places like the Library, or to attend a special event where they would like some assistance from a carer.

Again some service users are in need of bed care, where a hoist is needed 2 carers will be requested.

3pm - 6pm Teatime Calls

During these hours some service users will be returning home from day centres where they would have had a hot meal, carers will follow up with a visit to prepare a light snack, remind about medication where needed and assist with toileting where required.

Other tasks that carers can assist with are essential hygiene clean, ironing, laundry, assisting with service users pet, or even assist service user to attend social events.

7pm - 10:30pm Evening/Bedtime Calls

Between these hours carers will be assisting service users to undress have personal care and change into night clothes. Where requested prepare supper and hot or cold drinks, also remind to take medication. Some service users like to go to bed early so carers will assist them to bed and make the service user comfy for the night ensuring they have everything they need to hand, some service users will need assistance with their continence needs so assisting with incontinence pads and catheters bags or other types of night bags.

This is just a brief outline of what you might expect a carer to do on a typical day, but for the carer no two days are the same. A carer will understand and recognise the cultural diversity, values, beliefs and human rights of people who use our services and will provide each service user with a first class service always upholding and maintaining the privacy, dignity and independence of people who use our service.

The service user will always be encouraged to remain independent, make their own choices concerning the treatment and support they receive and will have their views taken in to account regarding the way the service is provided and delivered.